Do you have (or plan to have) a significant number of tattoos? If so, you may get the feeling that the “relationship” you have with your current tattooist (and their studio) isn’t working. In some cases the need for change is due to an issue that is inherent or deeply-rooted to a given studio. In other cases the tattoo artist simply isn’t suited to your specific goals, desires, or even personality. Whatever the case may be, you’re on the fence about whether or not it’s time for you to switch. Below is a breakdown of criteria to look out for which may help in your decision.

5 Signs That It’s Time to Change Your Current Tattoo Studio to One That’s a Better Fit for YOU

I. They Aren’t Patient with You

Sadly, this is a familiar complaint that we hear from new clients who have decided to change tattoo studios and come to SOH instead.

If a purportedly professional tattoo artist/studio doesn’t show patience when you request a modification to the artistic rendering (be it on paper or a software program) of your upcoming tattoo, before committing it to transfer paper, they clearly don’t understand how important a tattoo is to a client. The body art will be with you for life, if they can’t comprehend the importance and exhibit composure and understanding then they don’t deserve your regular business.

II. You’re Currently Frequenting Different Studios

Your collective work of body art may have had you visit more than one studio thus far, leveraging the talents of a variety of specialists. One studio may have a tattooist who excels in realism tattoo design but don’t have anyone on staff with expertise in blackwork, script, neo-traditional, fine-line, or minimalism (etc.). Alternatively (or in addition) they may not be able to accommodate your desire for piercing too. Hopping back and forth between studios and their respective specialists can be a bother. Instead, transition to a tattoo studio that offers all of the services and specializations that you desire.

III. It’s Inconvenient to Get To

This may be the most practical sign that changing tattoo artists is the right idea. If you’re spending more time traveling to get to the studio than getting tattooed, then you should find one that’s easier to get to. In the Greater Vancouver BC area, that means choosing a studio that is conveniently located near the city center and all of its logistical advantages such as access to parking, public transit, and so forth.

IV. It’s Not Very Welcoming

Even though you’re a regular client, if you feel unwelcome or uneasy whenever you step into your current studio, it’s time for a change. Many tattoo shops in the Greater Vancouver area continue to prescribe to an old-school persona that is more akin to a biker bar or even an “Old Boys Network” boardroom where women are looked at like pinups and not people. Choose a boutique tattoo studio that is warm and welcoming to all.

V. You’re Simply Not Satisfied with the Work

This is of course  the most important of all considerations. If after the last one or two tattoos you find that you’re simply not happy with the work, it’s time to switch. No further explanation needed.

Are you ready to make a change? If located in the BC Lower Mainland, schedule a consultation at our downtown Vancouver studio to experience the Sleight of Hand (SOH) difference.

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