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You want an eye-catching tattoo for your first or next work of body art. What better way to get onlookers to take notice than by sucking them into the realm of the third dimension? 3D tattoos have become more popular than ever given that the concept merges the 60s era when 3D movies were all the rage with the digitized age that we currently live in. However, it’s a challenging concept for most tattoo artists to deliver on. That’s why you’re doing your due diligence and searching for where to get a 3D tattoo in Vancouver. You’ve come to the right place. Let’s review!

Why Choose Sleight of Hand When Getting a 3D Tattoo Design in Vancouver BC

An Actual 3D Tattoo Specialist on Staff

3D Tattoo Artist Vancouver BC

A real 3D tattoo done at SOH

Does the image above bother your eyes a bit? Your eyes aren’t playing tricks. Instead, it’s because the tattoo is done in proper 3D style. While most people assume that 3D tattoos are simply realism tattoos that add more dimension (see featured image above) the legitimate 3D tattoo style is done in 3D red and blue lines. They are done this way so that when someone puts on 3D glasses, the tattoo actually becomes 3-dimensional. How many tattoo shops in Vancouver can actually boast that they have a real 3D tattoo artist on staff? Sleight of Hand in Downtown Vancouver is one of the very few parlors that does. If you’re looking for the real deal, schedule your consultation accordingly!

Realism Tattoo Specialists

As addressed above, most people looking for a 3D tattoo artist are looking for a tattooist who excels in realism to the point that the work takes on the appearance of being 3-dimensional. This is accomplished by drawing objects that are nearer to view bigger than those further apart to give the illusion of depth. A tattooist with draw contour lines that show the curvature of the object’s surface, and use a wide tonal range to draw the varying types of shadows that contrast well with the mid-tones and highlights. SOH has realism tattoo artists on staff who will deliver on the realistic design you have in mind.

Script and Lettering Tattoo Specialists

One of the most commonly requested 3D concepts is script and lettering. It can be done in a manner that appears as if it has been carved into the skin (so to speak) via a bevel carving or prismatic carving tool. This is a highly skilled method that only a tattoo shop with a script/lettering specialist on staff can accomplish.

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