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We like to cover all parts of the body here at our boutique tattoo studio, literally and figuratively. We’ve provided insight about where to get a leg tattoo, sleeve tattoo, and a foot tattoo. Now that we’ve covered nearly all fronts, it’s time to answer a commonly asked question for those on the verge of new body ink – where to get a back tattoo? Below is a breakdown of things to consider.

What You Need to Consider Before Deciding Where on Your Back to Get Tattooed

Pain Perspective

If you have a low threshold for pain, then you may want to give more thought to the part of the back you want to get tattooed on, especially if it’s a large design (equating more hours/sessions). For the most part, the back is one of the best areas for people who have lower pain tolerance. That said, the space where the back meets the posterior rib cage is more painful, as is the spine, and directly over the scapular (aka shoulder blade). This is because the layer of the skin between the needle and bone is thinner than the likes of the lower back or upper back below the trapezius muscles. But again, for the most part the back is a preferred canvas for even the most pain-sensitive people.

It Depends on What You Want (Design)

The back presents the largest “flat” canvas on the physique for body art. Deciding where on this expansive space to get your tattoo greatly depends upon your desired design. For instance, the upper back between shoulder to shoulder is excellent for bold and dramatic designs, such as wings (obviously), an organically flowing realism concept (reptiles, sea creatures, etc.) and other neo-traditional themes like flowers, skulls, faces, and more. Large font text such as a family name is also great for the upper back. The lower back on the other hand is well suited to designs that “sprout” up from a foundation below, including flora, trees, and architectural concepts. Tattoo designs that begin in the lower back also leave room for growth should you want to add to your tattoo in the years to come. Some are never finished, by design. If you are thinking about getting a meaningful quote tattoo, the spine is a great option, as smaller text with the right font looks impeccable running along the spine.

Ultimately, if you know what sort of design you want but are unsure about placement on the back, a tattooist who cares about their client’s wants and needs will take the time to work with you on where to position the work.

Now that we’ve helped you decide where to get a back tattoo, it’s now time to decide where (in your city) to get it done. If located in the BC Lower Mainland, book a consultation today at our downtown Vancouver tattoo shop today.

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