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Dragon designs are up there along with snakes, flowers, skulls, and nautical scenes as far as popular tattoo subject matter is concerned. Not only are they aesthetically striking when rendered as body art, they symbolize a variety of life moments and personality traits. In a number of cultures dragons symbolize everything from power, wisdom, and strength to change, fortune, and prosperity. If you plan to become a girl (or guy) with a dragon tattoo, and you already have a general or specific design idea in mind, there are only two more things left to consider – placement (on the body) and place (choice of studio near you).

If in the Greater Vancouver area, there’s only one place to consider. The artists at Sleight of Hand Tattoo have extensive experience in reptilian fire-breathing themed designs, which you can reference on our Instagram right here. And on that note (our portfolio) you can find inspiration for where to get a dragon tattoo on your body. Allow us to help by sharing some visual placement ideas from satisfied clients who have had their work done at our downtown Vancouver studio.

Body Placement Ideas for Your Upcoming Dragon Tattoo


The forearm is a great option for those who want a dragon tattoo BUT don’t want it to be too big, like this one done at SOH:


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Around the Shoulder and Upper Arm

Medium to large dragon tattoos work amazing on the shoulder and upper arm. The serpentine nature of the mythical beast allows for organic movement in this area of your body. It will appear to alter position as you perform a number of natural movements throughout your day. A tank top will soon become your favorite clothing item to wear with a dragon perched on your outer shoulder and upper arm.


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Length of the Outer Arm

This one carries over from above, but focuses more on the entire length of the outer arm. It’s especially impactful and allows you to show off the dragon while wearing short and mid-length sleeves. We really love how this one came out:


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Upper Thigh

There’s no need to ask why the upper-thigh is ideal for a moderately sized dragon tattoo. Have a look at this recently completed design by another talented artist at SOH:


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