Family Day is upon us in BC. While some have plans to go out for brunch or take a crisp February day stroll around the Vancouver seawall together, you and your “of age” kin have something else in mind – a group tattoo. What better way to honor your bond than through permanent body ink? Great ideas include your family crest or coat of arms, your family tree, your family mantra, or even a family portrait – be it realistic or symbolic. While the design and general theme may be locked and loaded, there are some other things to consider before getting it done. Below is what you need to know.

What to Consider When Getting a Tattoo With Members of Your Family 

Where on the Body to Get a Family Tattoo

If you’re asking “Where to get a family tattoo?” you’re wondering one of two things. Either where on the body to get the tattoo, or where in your city/town to get it done. Let’s first address the former.


A great place to get a matching themed family tattoo is on your chest, over your heart. Seeing as you pump the same blood through your veins it makes perfect sense. This spot is especially appropriate for an aforementioned family crest or coat of arms design. Otherwise, other prime spots on the body for a matching design include the shoulder, upper back, forearm, or even the back of the calve. Smaller designs such as a favorite family quote work well on the foot or forearm.

Choosing a Studio to Get a Family Tattoo

When it comes to where (as in tattoo studio) to get a family tattoo, you will want to give it some careful thought. Not every shop in Vancouver will be accommodating and welcoming to family units. After all, some among your brood may be nervous about getting inked for their first time, at which point you (and they) want peace of mind that the studio and artists will be understanding and patient. Thankfully, there is one local studio that is not only welcoming to families, but actually treats their clients like family. You guessed it – Sleight of Hand Tattoo in downtown Vancouver. We encourage you to be more discriminating and research studios near you to find one that best suits the personality of your family. You can reference our guide for how to choose a tattoo studio right here. In addition, do some added homework to match the right tattooist with each participating family member so that they are a good fit. View more on how to choose a tattoo artist.


Getting a group family tattoo requires thoughtful planning and scheduling, but you’ve got to start somewhere, If located in the BC Lower Mainland, schedule your consultation together at our downtown Vancouver studio today.

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