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Flowers are among the most popular design concepts for tattoos. Generally they symbolize many things, such as rebirth and beginning anew. Then there are the distinctive meanings of certain species. For instance, orchids are known to represent thoughtfulness, refinement, fertility, beauty, charm, and love. Lilies infer purity and fertility. Hibiscus is associated with happiness, sunshine, and good luck. So on and so forth.

We’ll assume that you’ve done your homework when it comes to the type of flower/s you want to get tattooed. What you’re wondering today however, is where to get a flower tattoo. Let’s look at some options that work well with the “arrangement” you have in mind.

Top 5 Spots on Your Body to Get a Flower Design Tattoo

The Forearm (and up!)

The forearm is a great, if not magical place to get a flower tattoo. By beginning the design closer to your wrist, the flowering plant can blossom up and wrap around your arm, beyond your elbow, and extend up towards your shoulder. This makes sense for those who want to start with a smaller or medium sized tattoo, then add to it over time.

The Outer Leg

Where to Get a Flower Tattoo Vancouver

Tattoo by Eduardo at SOH Vancouver

The same methodology that supports a flower tattoo on the forearm applies to the outer leg, in that you can begin with a medium design along the lower leg then move up over time. The canvas is a lot larger of course, which allows your tattooist greater freedom to create a more substantial piece.

The Foot

If you want a smaller flower design, the foot is a step in the right direction. It’s aesthetically pleasing, and if you desire to tie meaning into the tattoo you should consider species that match what the feet represent – balance and stability. Flowers that are known to represent these traits include dahlias and daisies.

The RibsWhere to Get a Flower Tattoo

Tattoo by Eduardo at SOH Vancouver

The ribs may be a painful place to get a large tattoo but if you can manage, the resulting flower design will be striking. Half-tops and two-piece bikinis will soon become your outfit of choice.

The ShouldersWhere to Get Flower Tattoo Downtown Vancouver

Fresh tattoo by Eduardo at SOH Vancouver

A flower arrangement tattoo that embraces the entirety of the shoulder is a favorite for most. The contours of the shoulder that run from the scapula, humerus, and clavicle are ideal for a design that honors the organic flow of a grouping of flowers in full bloom.


It’s time to let your flower tattoo concept blossom from desire to reality. Schedule a consultation at our downtown Vancouver tattoo studio today.

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