Where to Get a Full Back Tattoo Vancouver BC

When it comes to a large canvas tattoo there is no better place on the body than the back. It’s as if the human anatomy was designed with this in mind. The contours that run from the lumbar up to the cervical vertebrae, before spreading up towards the trapezius and out to the anterior deltoids create an idyllic marquee. As such, a full back tattoo should not even be spoken as if it’s a singular piece of body art. It’s an intricate weaving of interconnected designs that tell a story. Each session between a client and tattooist writes it’s own chapter, and in many cases the narrative never reaches a conclusion as patrons return to touchup and/or add to the evergreen design as they advance through life.

Simply put, a full back tattoo is a big deal. That’s why it’s important to give proper scrutiny when deciding upon where to begin your journey. Below is a breakdown of what to consider.

3 Things to Consider When Choosing Where in Vancouver BC to Get a Full Back Tattoo

A Studio with an Artist Who Knows the Style

You have a style of tattoo in mind for the lifetime body of work. You must find a tattooist with a talent for the style, and more importantly, a passion for it. Have a look at a candidate studio’s artist profiles to identify a tattooist that specialize in the style you desire. For instance, if you want your full back tattoo to incorporate a lot of script, it’s only logical to find a script tattoo artist near you. If you envision a large gothic medieval back story, choose an artist with a portfolio that reflects the same. If you’re a fan of blackwork and neo-traditional concepts, look to an artist who exudes confidence in the genre. Have a good look through the studio’s artist portfolios to arrive on one that connects to your desires.

A Studio You’re Prepared to Spend Days (Weeks) Within

As alluded to in the introduction, a full back tattoo is a long and enduring journey. Over this chapter of your life you’re going to spend hours that translate into days, weeks, and perhaps even months within the embrace of a studio. Is the studio you’re considering a place you can do so with pleasure? Is the atmosphere inviting and relaxing? Was the interior design of the studio proffered as much thought and care as the tattoos completed in the facility’s chairs? You may not have considered the importance of this, but again – you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the studio – be sure that it’s one you will enjoy being within.

A Studio that Makes You a Part of the Family

Tattooist talent and studio design is extremely important for a full back tattoo. The final piece of the puzzle is what brings it all together – the staff and culture within. You’re going to get to know the people that manage and work within the studio as you return for each follow-up session. Will they make an effort to get to know you? Will they become invested in your journey into body art? Will they collectively be there to answer questions or even do the small things such as grab you a refreshment as you sit in the chair for hours on end? For your full back tattoo you deserve a studio with a culture that is warm, welcome and treats it’s clients like family.

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