If you know your Greek Mythology, you’ll recall that after hearing word of Poseidon’s affair with Medusa, a jealous Athena took revenge by turned Medusa’s lovely hair into snakes and cursed her with the ability to turn men who looked at her into stone.

Somehow along the way, the lore became less of a cautionary tale to not steal someone’s beau. Instead, Medusa has become an apotropaic symbol to protect against negative influences and other threats. Medusa has also become a symbol of female power. As a result, the mythological being has become an exceedingly popular tattoo concept. You want one, but are unsure about placement which is why you’re online and searching “where to get a Medusa tattoo”.  Below is a look at designs that have recently been done at our downtown Vancouver studio. We hope they will inspire your decision regarding where on the body to place this beautiful beast.


Upper-Arm to Shoulder Sleeve

This truly amazing take on Medusa surrounded by flowers deserves a lengthy canvas. This strong mythological woman makes a statement as she rises up from the forearm through to the outer-shoulder:


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Outer Forearm

Do you want to show-off your Medusa tattoo through all four seasons? When it looks this amazing, who wouldn’t want to? The outer-forearm is aesthetically and functionally ideal. When you twist your arm it will appear as if the snakes move as you do.


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Wrap Around the Calve Muscle

The shape of the calve muscle is fitting for a head that is crowned by a bed of serpents. Everyone who walks behind as you wear shorts or an above-the-knee skirt with stare in admiration. Hopefully (or maybe not?) they won’t turn to stone.


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Mid-to-Upper Back (all-encompassing)

Do you want a large Medusa tattoo? If so, the entirety of your mid-to-upper-back is the only way to go. The natural v-shape canvas provides a lot of room for your tattooist to explore with the movement of the snakes. The end result of this one, is incredible:


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