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When most soon-to-be-tattooed individuals ponder getting a realistic tattoo, they are actually choosing what is called a realism or photorealism tattoo. This is a defined style that is exactly what it sounds like – a design that essentially looks like a photograph that has been transferred to one’s skin. It can be in color, or black and grey, just like a photograph. Given the intricacies involved in such a design, you are giving careful thought to where to get it done. This is no kanji symbol or tribal tattoo folks! Here’s what you need to know.

2 Very Important Things to Consider When Choosing Where to Get a Realism Tattoo in Vancouver BC

Find a Tattooist Who Specializes in Realism Tattoos

Whether getting a realistic animal, flower, mountainside, or seascape (etc.) you must only consider artists that are proven in this style of tattoo. Have a look at artist portfolios to confirm that the local studio has a resident artist that will do right by you. While many in-house artists will do realism tattoos, narrow down your search to those who exhibit your preferred type. If you want photorealism in full-color, find an artist who specializes accordingly, such as Sleight of Hand’s resident tattooist Juliany. If you prefer realism in black and grey, Eduardo is your guy (his work is pictured above). If instead of faces, fauna, and flora you’re inspired by realistic architecture, then Meesha is your go-to. The closer a tattooist’s portfolio is to the vision you have for your realism tattoo, the more likely you’ll be happy with the end result.

Placement Matters

We’ve covered the brick and mortar location part of “where” to get a realistic tattoo, but now we switch focus to where on your body to get it done.

Most quality tattoos age well, even as your body changes over time. By change we mean weight loss or gain, muscle loss or gain, and other correlated considerations such as stretch marks and general changes in elasticity. With most styles of tattoos the corresponding changes are negligible. But when it comes to a realism tattoo, the slightest alteration in the elasticity or even tone of your skin can compromise the aesthetic. For this reason, we encourage you to choose a part of your body that is less susceptible to these changes. Avoid the abdomen area (front and sides) and the neck area under your chin as elasticity fluctuates significantly with weight and body fat composition. If you plan on having children you may also avoid areas that are vulnerable to stretch marks that come from child birth, such as the thighs.

Think of a realistic tattoo as you would a photograph that has been transferred to a canvas. If that canvas is stretched or loosened, it won’t look quite the same. If you anticipate that a part of your body will change significantly over the years to come, get a realism tattoo on a less elastic part of your physique.

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