Where to Get a Sleeve Tattoo Vancouver BC

Whether you’re adding to your “collection” or this will be your first tattoo, a sleeve is a real commitment. As such, you plan on doing your homework before getting it done, which is why you’re searching for information about where to get a sleeve tattoo in your city – Vancouver BC. We’re here to help with this important decision. Below is a breakdown of everything to consider before booking your initial consultation.

2 Very Important Things to Consider When Choosing Where to Get a Sleeve Tattoo in Vancouver BC

Choosing the Right Artist for Your Sleeve

This isn’t some small semi-hidden tattoo that we’re talking about. Whether a half sleeve (elbow to wrist) or full sleeve (lower shoulder to wrist) the arm is a significant canvas with a number of curves, twists, and turns. The sleeve is also very visible. Therefore, you should choose an artist who specializes in the type of tattoo that really connects with a design that you love.

Before you call any studio to book an initial consultation, take a look at the artist profiles on their website. Every artist has their own distinct style and within that style is the genesis of what will become your sleeve tattoo. Do you prefer black and grey? Then consider an artist who specializes in this style. Do you desire something colorful and vibrant with a realistic vibe? Look for an artist who can deliver accordingly. There are also textured designs that really work well with sleeves, such as animals (snakes, sea life, felines, etc.) flowers, and faces with flowing hair. In this case find an artist with a portfolio that exhibits this sort of work.  You get the idea.

This part of the decision making process is not just important when it comes to locking in the preferred design for your sleeve tattoo. It’s important because you’re going to be spending hours (sleeves take time) with your tattooist. You want to learn as much as you can about the artist, leveraging what you can from their on-site bio and Instagram profiles to gauge (the best you can with surface level content) their personality. This person will ink you for life and on a highly visible part of your body – it would be great to be able to form a bond with them. This leads us to your next key consideration.

Choosing the Right Studio for Your Sleeve

As mentioned above, you’re about to invest a lot of time in a tattooist’s chair for your sleeve tattoo. You want to be in a studio that is not just expectedly clean and sanitary, but cordial, welcoming, and comforting. There are a lot of qualified tattooists to do your sleeve tattoo out here in Vancouver, but there are very few studios that provide the right kind of environment. At Sleight of Hand in downtown Vancouver, we want our clients to feel as if they are part of the family – because when you get tattooed here, you are! We have put a lot of effort into handpicking our artists, and into the design of our space, from reception through to tattooing stations. Learn more about why people from all over the city and province choose SOH Tattoo. There is simply no better place to get your new sleeve.


If you have any questions whatsoever, or are ready to schedule your consultation, contact SOH Tattoo.

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