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From a pure surface level perspective, the sword symbolizes power, protection, authority, strength, courage, and chivalry. Underneath all of that, a saber may also represent the penetrating power of the intellect, as if to flip the “pen is mightier than the sword” expression on its back. For some, the specific design of a sword has direct connections to one’s cultural heritage, which is why you often see them integrated into a familial coat of arms or family crest. And of course, there are also phallic inferences.

Whatever the case may be, you know that you want one emblemed on your skin. The only question to remain, is in regards to where to get a sword tattoo. Having done a number of these designs at our downtown Vancouver tattoo studio we have some placement examples to share that may inspire your up and coming work of body art. Let’s have a look!


Lower Leg

A sword tattoo works best vertically and is ideally placed on the lower leg (inner-calf or side of the calf) to match the top-down aesthetic found where the pummel and grip extend to a wide cross-guard before thinning out towards the blade and end-point. It’s as if the calf was made for a sword tattoo.


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Don’t want one quite so big? Fret not, as the concept even works with small renderings such as the one below, which was integrated with another popular concept; the butterfly.


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The forearm is a solid option for shorter yet solidly constructed types of swords, or daggers. A blade on the forearm truly conveys a sense of strength and power.


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The forearm is also very accommodating to sword wielding characters for added impact and meaning:


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While most sword tattoos on the forearm are found on the inner part of the extremity, you may choose to make it more visible on the outer side such as this:


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Upper Chest (or Upper Back)

The diamond-esque shape created by the pummel, grip, cross-guard, and top of the blade are also well-suited to the top of the chest in dead-center position. If you don’t want the blade to run down the middle of your abdomen you may consider burying it (so to speak) like was done with this SOH creation:


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The same logic begin the center-chest sword tattoo works for the middle of the upper back as well.


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