Where to Get a Tattoo for the First Time in Vancouver


You’ll never forget your first time. Your first tattoo, that is. And for that reason, you want to make sure that you’ve made all of the necessary preparations and taken precautions. Ultimately it all comes down to where to get the tattoo, which can be taken in two different ways. We address them both, below.

What You Need to Consider When Deciding Where to Get Your Very First Tattoo

Where On the Body to Get Your First Tattoo

Unless you feel like you need to get a tattoo that is hidden from public view, you can get it placed anywhere on your body that you desire. That said, we know that you may be a little nervous about your first time, not knowing what to expect when it comes to pain and discomfort. For this reason, you may prefer to focus on the least painful zones to get tattooed, which for most people are the “meatier” parts of the body, including the calves, thighs, shoulders, chest, and upper back. However, if you’re starting small, then you will do just fine with parts of the body that are primed for subtler designs, with the wrist or forearm being the most popular options for small and first time tattoos.

Despite all of the above, we do encourage you to get the concept/design that you want. Choose a spot on your body where the concept/design will look best for greatest overall satisfaction. You tattooist can help with this during the consultation. Your concerns over pain on larger jobs can be mitigated by getting the work done in fine-line style, which typically hurts less given that the grouping of needles is much smaller, and the applied pressure is less intense. In fact, fine-line makes for a great introductory tattoo. You can always go for something deeper-toned and more statement-making on your next time around.

Which Tattoo Studio to Choose for Your First Tattoo

Next to concerns about pain, the other thing that leads to procrastination for one’s first ink job is choice of studio. There are some ramshackle tattoo shops in the city, with a cast and crew that looks more appropriate to a seedy biker bar instead of a place to get a work of body art. Select a tattoo studio carefully by following this detailed guide, and take it a step further by referencing this guide for what to look for in a tattoo artist. In addition, take note that this will very likely not be your only tattoo. When you’ve chosen the right design, studio, and artist, you will come out of the process not only with a great new tattoo, but as a new person – a more authentic version of you. As a result, you’ll want to come back for more. Why not choose a studio that makes you feel like family? Establishing a relationship with a studio and staff that places a priority on fostering client relationships is the key. They are putting permanent works of art on your body, so there should most certainly should be a bond between you and them. It’s baffling how few tattoo shops in Vancouver (or elsewhere) understand the importance of this.


When you come in for a tattoo at Sleight of Hand, you arrive at a place where you are adored and appreciated – exactly how your first time should be. Contact our downtown Vancouver today to schedule a consultation.

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