You want to get a tattoo. You’ve wanted one for years. However, you’re nervous about getting one. Not because you’re afraid of what others will think, or you’re unsure about what design to get. That’s not the problem. The issue, is the process of getting the tattoo, which for many people is a very intimidating prospect. The good news, is that if you are in the BC Lower Mainland you no longer have cause to pause your ambition to get a beautiful work of body art. Where to get a tattoo in Vancouver? Right here. Here’s why.

Why Sleight of Hand in Vancouver is the Best Place to Get a Tattoo When You’re Anxious About the Whole Thing

A Welcoming an Non-intimidating Environment

One walk within our boutique establishment and you’ll note the difference when compared against other studios in Vancouver. The space is upscale without a hint of pretentiousness, flowing with organic colors and lush flora to create a scene that is inviting and welcoming to all, especially for those who have yet to receive their first tattoo. In 2021 and beyond the public demands more from a tattoo studio, and Sleight of Hand (SOH) is here to meet that demand.

Exceedingly Friendly, Patient, and Professional Tattoo Artists

Exterior and interior design is only one part of the equation for creating a more welcoming and inclusive environment. The primary reason SOH is lauded as the place to get a tattoo in Vancouver, is steeped in our staff. Our front end personnel is helpful and courteous, which sets the tone for the engaging experience that you will enjoy with our artists. SOH tattooists have been hired due to their renown in being exceedingly friendly, patient, and professional. No matter how unsure you are about placement or design they remain patient and are open and willing to answer any questions you have. You won’t be placed in a chair for tattooing until you’re comfortable and ready to proceed. We pride ourselves in hiring people that convey everything you should look in a tattoo artist.

Here for You After the Fact Too

One and done. That’s what it’s like at many tattoo studios. Not at Sleight of Hand. Once you’ve been inked at our studio you’re marked for life, and we’re not just referring to your body ink. You will have become a part of the SOH family. The fact that you have trusted and honored us to place a work of art on your body actually means something. You will have formed a bond with your tattooist and our entire staff. This belief is lost on far too many studios, which is honestly quite baffling. We want to see a change in this industry, and that begins within the walls of our studio.

Of course, it’s one thing to say that you will become a part of our family, but what does that really mean? Will you receive a birthday card with a Starbucks credit in it once a year? That’s what aunts and uncles are for. Instead, being a part of the SOH family means that you can return to us should you have any questions or concerns about your tattoo. We’re here for follow-ups, touch-ups, and even cover-ups should you change your mind about a tattoo (after a breakup, etc.) or even if you received another tattoo elsewhere and are not happy with their work. We’re here to provide advice about tattoo aftercare, even if months or years have passed since you came into our studio. We’re here if you want to refer a friend, family member, or other loved one and will ensure that they receive the same devoted attention as we afforded you. When we state that our clients are our family, we’re not kidding.


Let’s take the first step towards relieving that anxiety about getting a tattoo. It all begins with a friendly conversation about you want. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and experience the Sleight of Hand difference.


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