Where to Get a Tattoo That is Hidden


Some people want to show off their tattoo to everyone. They have no qualms about it, and it’s clearly not an issue at their place of work or business. Others however, prefer to keep it hidden. There are a variety of motivations for this, whether it be for professional or personal reasons. That’s beyond the scope of this article and is frankly none of our business. It’s yours, and yours alone. What we are here for however, is to provide you with some practical guidance about where to get a tattoo that is hidden. Let’s review.

3 Practical Things to Consider When You Want to Get a Tattoo That is Not Visible to the “Public” Eye

I. Changing (clothes) of the Seasons

It’s easy to keep a tattoo hidden in the autumn and winter when you’re pretty much covered from ankle to wrist and neck in clothing. However,  you want to consider what you will wear in the spring and summer, and when you head somewhere tropical on vacation. In this case, try on what you will wear for all activities (lounging, hiking, swimming, etc.) through the warm seasons to assess what parts of your body are fully or partially exposed. Measure the exposed areas, and mark it on your body with a washable marker (i.e. eyebrow pencil or lip liner, etc.) so that when you go in for your tattoo you’ll be able to show the artist exactly where a tattoo needs to begin and end.


II. Drawing the Line Between Fine Lines and Bold Tattoos

You may be concerned about a bold dark-toned tattoo being more noticeable under a loose sleeve, pant leg, or through a light material such as linen and so forth. In this case we suggest that you get a design and work with an artist that specializes in subtle shades of grey and/or simple, clean and minimalist lines, or soft (against your skin tone) colors in an illustrative theme. In fact, you may find than when you consider these styles of tattooing, that you no longer need to outright “hide” the work. Instead, you can opt for a technically visible yet subdued or outright delicate design that does not jump out and say, “Hey, look at my tattoo!”. There are absolutely classy tattoo options out there that may make you change your mind about hiding a beautiful work of body art. Choice of artist really makes a difference in this capacity.

III. Choice of Tattoo Studio Matters

You clearly desire discretion, which is why you want to avoid typical tattoo shops. Some of these shops feel more like a hangout spot, where friends of tattoo artists and clients come to mingle during and in-between sessions. These spaces get crowded and can make you feel uncomfortable. For this reason you need to be more selective on how you choose a tattoo studio when it comes to getting a discrete work of body art. This ensures that there will be no heavy foot traffic, no looky-loos, nor unwanted photos to be placed on Instagram without your consent. If you live within or are visiting the BC Lower Mainland, then our tattoo shop in downtown Vancouver is where you want to go to get your hidden tattoo. Contact us today to schedule your private consultation.

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