You’re on the hunt for quality body jewelry near you in the BC Lower Mainland. While there are no shortage of body accessory shops and piercing studios in the region, you have no intention of visiting all of their locations, or even websites for that matter. That’s why you’re online and searching “Where to get body jewelry near me”. The place you’re looking for, is right here. Here’s why.


3 Reasons to Choose Sleight of Hand When Looking for Body Jewelry Near You in Greater Vancouver BC

Best Selection of Premium Body Jewelry Brands

Sleight of Hand has carefully curated products from the world’s leading body jewelry brands. By tapping into these premium resources we are able to offer customers/clients an incomparable selection of earrings, naval/belly rings, barbells (straight, curved, and circular), labrets, captive bead rings, d-rings, hinged segment rings, nose screws and hoops, seamless rings, nipple shields, and more. Body jewelry brands available at our downtown Vancouver shop include the following:


  • Alchemy
  • Body Gems
  • Buddha Jewelry
  • Infinite
  • Invictus
  • Junipurr
  • Mystic Metals
  • NeoMetal
  • Tether

Home to Vancouver’s Premier Piercers

It’s always surprising to see some people buy body jewelry from retail stores that don’t actually do body piercings. And no, shops that do piercings for pre-teens who also sell stuffed animals and bedazzled iPhone cases don’t count.


You see, body jewelry should be secured from a place with staff (including professional piercers) who understand the ins-and-outs of what goes in (and out) of your body, and how varying metals and other materials interact with your skin. Whether you need body jewelry for existing piercings or for a new piercing to come, choose a studio that is home to some of Vancouver’s top and up-and-coming piercers. SOH’s expert staff is on-site and ready to answer any and all questions you have about your purchase.

Conveniently Located (Even if Not)

You aren’t just searching “Where to get body jewelry”, but “Where to get body jewelry near me” which means you appreciate convenience. If you live near or regularly frequent downtown Vancouver, SOH is easily accessible in the heart the city’s entertainment row on Granville Street. This fact also means that our shop is near all forms of public transit (bus and skytrain) and is in the designated route of taxis and Uber/Lyft drivers in the metropolitan area.

We look forward to being here for all of your piercing and body jewelry needs. If you have any questions you want answered before visiting our studio, give us a call.

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