You’ve decided to get a tattoo to launch the new year. We’ve even provided you with five ideas that will honor your NY resolutions. But once you’ve decided on the design you’re left with one more burning question: “Where to put my new tattoo?”.

If you are indeed getting a tattoo to represent positive change to come in your life for 2022 and beyond, we have some ideas regarding placement that can help you make your decision. Let’s review.

4 Meaningful Places on Your Body to Get Your New Year Tattoo

Over Your Heart

You’ve decided to follow your heart when planning out your new year goals and your new tattoo. Over the heart (on your chest) is therefore one of the most logical spots to place the design. It’s not only meaningful, it can be less painful than many other parts of the body for women which have more fatty, fibrous, and glandular tissue over the breastplate than men. That said, men with more fat or pectoral muscle also have more “space” between skin and bone and will therefore not experience as much pain as those with literal and proverbial “thin skin”. This area can also be easily hidden (if desired) or shown off in the summer when wearing less clothing.

Inner Wrist

For smaller new year tattoos, the inner wrist is a great place to consider. For one, it works great for important dates or your favorite quote (a popular NY tattoo idea). Perhaps more importantly, this placement will be visible to YOU at all times of the day. This greater visibility will serve as a frequent reminder to strive for your new annum ambitions.

The Foot

The foot isn’t just one of the more alluring places on your physique to get a tattoo, it is also steeped in deeper meaning. The foot represents the foundation of the human body, providing stability with each step forward. View more on getting a foot tattoo at this particular time of the year.

The Outer Arm/Shoulder

The outer arm (exterior of the tricep/bicep) and outer shoulder area represent strength, which is what you need to be armed with for the new year to come. This part of the body is also great for those who want to showcase their tattoo from time to time, and flex a little muscle when feeling confident.


Ready to begin the new year with a statement making tattoo? If you have any questions about placement, design, or anything else for that matter and you’re located in the Vancouver area, get in touch. Book your consultation at our downtown studio today.

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