We admire the allegiance to the brand of your choice. It’s not every day someone is willing to go from logo’d t-shirt or hoodie to proven loyalty via body ink. That said, we encourage you to give some careful consideration as to where you get a brand logo tattoo. Below is a breakdown of some key things to consider before booking your appointment.

4 Things to Consider When Deciding Where on the Body to Get a Brand Logo Tattoo

A Spot Where it Can be Hidden?

We’re not here to talk you out of anything. As stated above, we admire your brand loyalty. That said, things happen and/or your tastes may change that could have you think twice about wearing the company’s symbol on your body for life. To mitigate this concern, simply get the tattoo on a part of your body that is easily hidden.

Is Its Legacy Safe?

This carries over from the consideration above. A new brand and its logo comes with more risk of regret, especially if the logo is tied to an individual (artist, musician, etc.) and their line of clothing and so forth. Should there be a scandal or they outright “sell out” you could be left holding the bag, so to speak.

However, if the legacy of the brand is safe and deeply positioned in the annals of history you’re unlikely to ever regret it. Examples include sports team icons (NY Yankees, etc.), sportswear or high-fashion symbols (Nike Swoosh, Jordan’s Jump Man, Gucci, LV, etc.) or band logos (Aerosmith, etc.). That said, even tech company insignias such as the Apple apple are so well established that they come with very little risk of regret when it has played a large role in your life. When a brand’s legacy is safe, feel free to get it tattooed big and bold on your arm (bicep or forearm), shoulder, or lower leg for all to see.

Is It Your Brand Logo?

Everything we stated about possible regret and brand logo placement can be thrown out of the window if the company emblem is that of your own. In fact, pulling back on visible placement tells the universe that you’re not 100% certain that your vision will work out. If tattooing your brand logo, go all in by getting it on the neck (unless you’re in some stuffed-shirt industry) or upper arm for public-facing visibility. Wear the ink with pride and let the whole world know that your brand has arrived, and is here to stay.

If the Logo is a “Seal of Approval”

One scenario where a brand logo tattoo is especially cool, is when it is being done as a literal or figurative signature, trademark, or seal of approval. There’s a perfect example to consider. Let’s say you come into our very own studio for a tattoo of some other design, and you’re so happy with the tattooist’s (and studio’s) work that you want to offer credit via a small brand logo tattoo. In this case the “SOH Tattoo” logo and/or artist’s personal brand signature worked into the edge of the primary tattoo would be pretty sweet. This is analogous to any scenario where a brand/company (i.e. fitness trainer/studio, etc.) helped you achieve a physical goal for which you’d love to give credit. Just pick the part of your body that best represents that transformation they’ve helped you achieve (i.e. bicep, waistline, etc.). Another scenario where this is appropriate, is when you’re getting a tattoo design of a work of art that has been done by someone else. In this case, their artist logo serves as a signature that gives credit where its due.  Admittedly this is for a very select few, but where it applies, it’s a perfect sign-off on this topic for where to get a company logo tattoo.

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