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“Not All Who Wander Are Lost”, “Be the Change You Want to See in the World”, and In Vino Veritas” are just a tiny sample of quotes that make their way on to the skin of tattooed people all over the world. The written word is most certainly a great concept, but whether your favorite scripture comes from the Dalai Lama, Emerson, or Oprah, where you choose to get the tattoo can be as important as the choice of quote itself. Below is some helpful advice about where on the body to get it done.

Four Perfect Places on Your Body to Get Your Favorite Quote Tattooed

The Foot

The lateral (or outer) side of the foot a very popular place to get a quote tattooed in cursive script, as it flows well with the arch. It will also be visible when wearing sandals, flip flops, or certain types of stilettos, which is a bonus for those who want to show off their personal mission statement. The medial (or inner arch) is also prime for cursive text, but it will of course be less visible, and is more sensitive. The latter is something to consider if you have a low threshold for pain.

The Inner Forearm

The inner forearm is an exquisite option, as it allows you to reference your favorite quote every day, whether typing away on your laptop, pumping weights at the gym, or sipping on a latte over a good book. While you can place something short and concise (two words, etc.) horizontally under the wrist in small text, a more dramatic option is to run the passage from your inner wrist all the way up to the point the medial epicondyle of the humerus (or inner elbow).

Side of the Ribs

This isn’t for the squeamish, as getting a tattoo on the side of the ribs is painful and uncomfortable. However, when it comes to inking a large quote comprised of many words in a large and/or sweeping font, it doesn’t get much better from an aesthetic perspective. Plus, a quote tattoo is inherently less painful that other designs, as the text is typically done in fine-line style where the applied pressure is less intense.

Along the Spine

When it comes to the back, you typically see quotes tattooed from the left posterior deltoid (back shoulder), across the upper back, and concluding on the right posterior deltoid. While that part of the body provides an expansive canvas, you way want to consider a unique alternative – vertically along the spine (pictured above). People may not be able to read it all unless you’re in an intimate setting with them, but if you prefer a more personal tattoo that’s a big part of the appeal. The spine is also symbolic of structure and support, which can make the quote and tattoo even more meaningful.


You have your favorite scripture picked out, and have now selected the perfect spot on your body to place it. The final consideration is where (as in studio) to tattoo your intended quote. If you’re located in the BC Lower Mainland, there is no better studio that Sleight of Hand’s boutique shop in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Our artists are experts in tattooing text. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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