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There are instances where tattoo studios and artists won’t do a face tattoo. This often occurs when someone is young, and/or does not have a lot of tattoos already. Motivation may also factor in, as if it seems that a face tattoo is being done in spontaneous reaction to trauma the artist may not feel comfortable proceeding. Ultimately, the initial consultation unveils whether or not the artist/studio will proceed with a client.

On the flip side, there are those who want a face tattoo as a meaningful form of artistic or cultural expression. If so, it can be a wonderful way to manifest one’s inner-self in a manner for all to see. If you fall in the latter category we admire your commitment. That said, you do realize you’re taking a big step in your journey among the tattooed, which is why you’re wondering where to have it placed. Considering that you may not want the design up front and center, and may one day want it removed (even if you think you won’t) we have laid out placements that leave room for unforeseen circumstances. Let’s review.

Face Tattoo Placement that Leaves Room for Future Consideration

Forehead Along the Hairline

This is a great place for a face tattoo, especially if getting font or other form of fine-line design. Furthermore, you can easily cover it up with makeup or even your bangs should there be an event or instance that you want to conceal it. And with fewer nerve endings than other parts of your face, it’s also less painful. In addition, the easy ability to conceal it is also beneficial should you you decide to have it removed one day. You won’t have to worry about the appearance as it fades from defined design to a less distinguishable mark (before it’s gone for good).

Between the Cheekbone and Ear

This space also comes with the same benefits above, but also provides for a cool aesthetic. Fellas can make it work with facial hair, but can also use facial hair to cover it up when desired. It can also be kept discrete with long and flowing hair.


The chin may very well be the most “acceptable” (as far as mainstream is concerned) places to get a face tattoo. In fact it’s common in some cultures. Just last year a primetime New Zealand TV news anchor was celebrated for the Māori tattoo on her chin.


A face tattoo is no casual decision. In addition to placement, you want to give careful thought as to where to get a face tattoo in your city. If located within or are visiting the BC Lower Mainland, there’s only one studio that offers the dedicated attention and care for a successful face tattoo in a welcoming environment. Schedule a consultation at our downtown Vancouver studio today.

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