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Summer is a season that sparks inspiration to honor one’s husband with a tattoo. Perhaps it will be for a Father’s Day gift (third Sunday of June) from you, or to recognize an upcoming summertime wedding or anniversary of one from years ago. Whatever the case may be, you know you want the tattoo, and you have a general design/font idea in mind. All that’s left is to figure out placement. Where to tattoo your husband’s name? Let’s review.

Top 5 Spots on Your Body to Get Your Husband’s Name Tattooed

Over Your Heart

This is a logical choice, as the man has your heart and he has yours. The spot above the breast is less painful than many other options, and the spacing works well with a variety of designs that you can incorporate with his name.  Plus, you can show it off with a low-cut or unbuttoned top that we’re sure he won’t mind.

Inner Wrist

If you want a small tattoo of your husband’s name, the wrist is the way to go. Have the font placed horizontally under your palm so that you can look down and whisper his name whenever you desire.

Along the Foot

Your husband will find your foot tattoo to be quite sexy. Aesthetically it’s a home run as far as name placement goes, but having this name placed there is also steeped in symbolism. The feet symbolize both stability and forward momentum, which is something he signifies in your relationship and life together.

Upper Back

The other spots we’ve named on this list are for small and medium sized name tattoos. However, if you want the love for your husband to shine big and bright with a large and dramatic font, then the upper back is the way to go. You can get it tattooed from one shoulder blade to the next, in text with whimsical sweeping letters that make it as artistic (for you) as it is thoughtful (to him).

That Special Place Above the Pelvis

Husbands love this one best. This tattoo is for their eyes only unless you wear a very revealing two-piece bikini at the beach. The only caveat is that you’ll have to get accustomed to him asking to see it all of the time. You know where that can lead (but maybe that’s the idea).


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