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We’ve already provided tips for where to tattoo a husband’s name, so it’s only fair for us to flip the script. If you’re ready to show full-on commitment to your wife (you know, beyond that marriage certificate) via a fresh tattoo but need help deciding where to get it done, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s review!

Top 4 Spots on Your Body to Get Your Wife’s Name Tattooed

Over Your Heart

What, you thought this first pick would be different from the one we suggest for getting a husband’s name tattooed? Over the heart is the most logical place for a couple of good reasons. For one, the heart represents love. That’s easy. Furthermore, the area above the chest plate boasts a subtle convex with plenty of canvas area to work with. This gives you, and ultimately your tattooist, more liberty with the font design. You can get something larger and elaborate with ease. She’ll be running her fingers over it (after it heals) to her and your delight.

Outer Bicep

The traditional place for getting the classic “Mom” tattoo is also perfect for the other important woman in your life. In fact, if you have your momma emblemed on one side, you darn well better appease your wife with her name on the opposite bicep. All that Freudian stuff out of the way, the bicep makes sense from a symbolic perspective. The outer bicep represents strength and power. We both know that the strength your wife gives you is far superior to that of those dumbbells you off-rack at Fitness World.

Upper Back

Your supportive wife helps you spread your wings to be the man/person you aspire to be. The same part of the body where your figurative wings are, is ideal for a large and wide tattoo of her name. Consider a fine line style with large sweeping font that extends from one posterior deltoid (shoulder blade) all the way over to the other. It’s impactful, statement making, and is essentially a giant shirtless marquee that proves your enduring love for her.

The Neck

We’re going bold with the last pick for where to get your wife’s name tattooed. The neck is a great spot for couples who wear their heart on their sleeve for all to see. It’s a “stamp” that tells the world that you’re her’s, and her’s alone. You’ll earn brownie points for years with this move.

Ready to get her name tattooed? If located in the BC Lower Mainland, schedule a consultation at our downtown Vancouver tattoo shop today.

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