Bold title coming from a tattoo shop, right?

Unfortunately, the question of “Why are tattoo artists so rude?” is a frequently asked one that has marred the industry for far too long. This is as true for Vancouver BC as it is for Toronto, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Seattle, and the other cities and towns beyond and between. This reputation is the one thing that has kept thousands of local people from getting their first tattoo. Meanwhile, bad experiences with tattooist demeanors have kept an equal number of individuals from getting a second (or more) tattoo.

The biggest culprit is a lack of patience. Clients from certain studios report that certain tattooists get agitated when asked to edit or redesign initial renderings when the design doesn’t match their (the client’s) vision. The client is made to feel invalidated, intimated, and unwelcome. Consequently, the client may cancel their tattoo and subsequently lose their deposit. Or worse, the client moves forward with the design (which they weren’t fully happy with) and ends up getting a tattoo that they don’t want. They either live with it (and the regret) for the rest of their lives, or they pay hundreds or thousands of dollars (depending on the size of the tattoo) to get it removed in the future.

Why do some tattoo artists feel as if they can get away with it? More importantly, what can you do about it so that you can get a tattoo without having to deal with the disgruntled “talent” found working at some shops in your locale?

Why People Have Had Bad Experiences with Certain Tattoo Artists in the Past and How You Can Avoid Them for Your Next Tattoo

Supply vs Demand (and studio accountability)

In the past, there were very few tattoo shops available to accommodate demand from the local masses. Look no further than Langley BC which just came out of a 36-year ban on tattoo shops as an example of how demand has exceeded supply. A monopolistic culture ensued and as a result, a number of shops and artists (certainly not all) felt a sense of entitlement. A select few felt as if they didn’t need the client, and that instead it was the client who needed them. As a result, clients felt as if they had to put up with a lack of patience because they simply had nowhere else to go. But here’s the thing, that has now changed. To date, there are tattoo studios everywhere you look. Supply has finally caught up with demand, yet some of the “old guard” of tattoo artists have not come to terms with this fact. Let this information empower you. All that you need to do is be a little more thoughtful when choosing a tattoo artist, ensuring that you find one who is aware of the industry’s prior reputation and has pulled a 180-degree turn in the other direction. View this guide for What to Look for When Choosing a Tattoo Artist and you’ll never again have to deal with a rude one.

Another supply and demand problem has challenged clients and studios. There has been a persistent labor shortage across most cities in Canada. This national labor shortage is not just felt in retail, hospitality, and healthcare (etc.) it is also felt in the tattoo industry. As a consequence, some tattoo shops (like other types of businesses) have been more lenient than they should when it comes to customer service controls.  To defend against this, some studios have stepped up to buck the lack of labor supply and have dived into a deeper pool of tattooist talent from around the world. Take Sleight of Hand Tattoo for instance. We have handpicked some of the best local and international tattooist talent around,  those who are not only highly skilled, but embody the culture and values of customer/client service. Our tattooists are family, and they treat their clients like family too.

Ultimately, it’s up to tattoo studios to take responsibility for the behaviors of the tattooists in their employ. SOH Tattoo in Vancouver BC has embraced this ideology and for this reason you will never hear a past, present, or future client utter the words “Why are tattoo artists so rude?”. Find out for yourself by scheduling a friendly and welcoming consultation at SOH in downtown Vancouver BC.

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