Wrist tattoos have become increasingly popular as people in our evolved society (such as it is) are no longer afraid to wear their heart on the sleeve via a work of body art. While a smaller part of the body compared to larger canvases such as the chest, back, or thigh, a wrist tattoo provides you with something to admire whenever you desire to look upon it. Doing so is as easy as checking the time on your watch or phone. For this reason you should get a design about something that you’re most passionate about, something that takes you away from the mundane and puts you in a happy place. For many, that happy place is the sea. So what are some inspiring wrist tattoos for sea lovers? Have a look below for some cool and tasteful ideas that you may consider for your own.

4 Super Cool Wrist Tattoo Concepts for Passionate Sea Lovers

Fine Line Lighthouse

Wrist Tattoos for Sea Lovers

We lead this article on wrist tattoos for sea lovers with one of the most unique designs of its kind. This fine line style lighthouse done by our own microrealism specialist Lylo is delicate and subtle yet absolutely statement making. Your passion for the sea will come shining through with a lighthouse tattoo on the wrist of the same vein.


Wrist Tattoos for Sea Lovers - Shell

Speaking of subtle beauty that conveys a love of the ocean, check out another delicate work of body art from SOH Tattoo’s resident tattooist Lylo. This small tattoo delivers big on the wearer’s affinity for beach-combing treasures.

Graceful Sea Turtle

The honu (Hawaiian for sea turtle) is a graceful seafaring reptile that can be translated into an equally graceful fine line tattoo. We know that we’re probably going to make Lylo blush by sharing yet another one of her pieces on this article about wrist tattoos for sea lovers, but we can’t help it if she keeps creating impeccable work like the one below. At first onlookers mat not see exactly what it is until they look a little closer (or ask) which makes it all that more intriguing for such as quaint design.

Wrist Tattoos for Sea Lovers

King/Queen of the Sea

Dude, did you see this video of an Orca taking down a Great White?

As Greater Vancouver residents, Orcas are dear to our hearts. They surf along side of us when on Vancouver Island and can be seen swimming off the shores of Tsawwassen, Steveston, and they even dip into the Burrard inlet from time to time. While sharks get credit for being the fiercest creatures of the ocean, they’ve got nothing on Orcas (who never mistake people for snacks unless forced into captivity). If you love the sea, then honor the true king/queen of the saltwater domain with an Orca tattoo. While the one featured below isn’t on the wrist, it would also look perfect swimming further down the forearm.

Wrist Tattoos for Sea Lovers

An SOH creation by blackwork expert Erik


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