80s Tattoo Ideas Vancouver BC

Considering the state of society over recent decades, can we just unanimously agree that the 1980s were the best? The music, movies, fashion, style, art, architecture, and fact that MTV played more than Ridiculousness made for a better life. Instead of being glued to our phones watching other people do things, we were all doing things. Instead of living with perpetual angst, we actually thought that things would turn out for the best. Call it blissful ignorance if you like, but there’s something to be said for the sense of wonder and positivity that exuded from the era. 

Of course, we’re preaching to the choir here, as you’re the one searching for 80s tattoo ideas. There’s no better way to prove your admiration for that delightfully neon moment in time. While there are many concepts to choose from, we have trimmed it down to a few of our favorites. Have a look below and come on down to Sleight of Hand to get it done.

5 Totally Awesome 1980s Tattoo Ideas and Concepts to Run to Your Local Tattoo Shop with Today

Mix Tape

80s Tattoo Ideas Vancouver BC

Nothing says the “80s” quite like a mix tape cassette. The song compilation recorded (using a double cassette ghetto blaster of course) served as an expression of your individual self, and was also made for and gifted to a boy/girl that you had a crush on. Naming the cassette (in Sharpie ink) was a right of passage that was just as important as song selection. The one in the example above was done at the request of a client who came in to see our blackwork specialist. Only he (the client) knows what songs exist within the ether of this work of body art. What will be the soundtrack for your mix tape tattoo?

Say Anything w/the Miami Vice Font80s Tattoo Vancouver BC

If there’s one font that represents the 1980s, it’s the one used to create the “logo” for Miami Vice. Choose your favorite quote or expression and get it tattooed in this font style and everyone will know what you’re about. Until then, enjoy the coolest moment in TV history (a la Crockett and Tubbs) via the video below.

John Hughes Movie Montage

Filmmaker John Hughes was the king of teen movies in the 80s. He was responsible for The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, Some Kind of Wonderful, and Weird Science to name the classics. If you have a personal favorite you might consider a tattoo of the official movie poster or a character moment such as the TBC John Bender raised fist that stands for both celebration and defiance. A Molly Ringwald tattoo would be pretty sweet too. Can’t decide? Do a montage of your favorite John Hughes movie scenes and posters. There’s nothing better than a 1980s montage!

ATARI or other 80s Gaming Console

Forget the AI driven too-realistic games that have stolen the minds and attention spans of today’s Generation Alpha youth along with Gen-Z and Millennials to boot. It all started with Atari, ColecoVision, Commodore 64, and early renditions of Nintendo (before Nintendo sold its soul). These games were played after a day outside in the sun, providing a balance between two worlds. Consider an Atari (etc.) console or controller tattoo (view examples) or one of the full standup arcade style ones featuring your favorite game such as Pac Man, Galaga, Centipede, or something obscure that you dug like DigDug or Crazy Climber!

3D Scene

3D Tattoo Artist Vancouver BC

Give off Max Headroom vibes with a 3D styled tattoo that layers red and blue lines to create the desired effect. Get yourself some proper 1980s 3D shades (the paper frame kind), request the work from a 3D tattoo specialist, and watch your 3D tattoo come to life! What about concepts to use for your cool 3D styled tattoo? An alien adduction is right up there with Bigfoot sightings when it comes to 1980s National Inquirer headlines.


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