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The barcode tattoo concept has been around ever since George Orwell’s 1984 become standard reading in classrooms across Canada and the USA. For the initiated, the important body of work served as a warning against totalitarianism. It should therefore come as no surprise that the tattoo concept saw a resurgence in popularity after modern society discovered what totalitarianism was like during the forced government lockdowns of 2020-21. The tattoo perfectly exemplifies heavy-handed controls that government and big corporations (one in the same) are capable of exerting upon society. Along that same line of thinking, some may use a barcode tattoo to make a statement about consumerism. That being said, others may simply find it to be a fun and playful concert for a tattoo. Whatever the case may be, you’ve come to the right place for information on the theme. Scan ahead for everything you need to know about getting a barcode tattoo.

Where to Place a Barcode Tattoo and What Else to Consider for the Concept

Barcode Tattoo Placement

The most popular and generally most effective (for making a statement) place on the body to get a barcode tattoo includes the following:

  • Inner-wrist
  • Nape (back) of the neck
  • Upper intergluteal cleft (the small space between the lower back just above buttock “cleavage”)

Tattoo Styles That Work Best for Barcodes

There are two tattoo styles that work best for the barcode tattoo concept. One, is blackwork. It offers strong and clean straight lines required to create the desired effect. SOH Tattoo’s blackwork specialist created the work that you see in the featured image above. The other style can deliver a less “bold” version of the barcode tattoo – fine line. Fine line is more delicate in nature, which may be preferred by some. View more on fine line specialization at SOH Tattoo in Vancouver BC. If  you want something a little more unique and dramatic, you might consider the literal 3D style of tattooing which we also do at our studio.

What About the Numbers?

You may desire a barcode tattoo because you like the general concept (i.e. societal controls, etc.) but haven’t really given thought to what numbers to include with it. Below are some logical options:

  • Your birthdate (day/month/year)
  • Birthdate of someone important to you
  • Date that marks an important transition in your life
  • Numerical value of an important mathematical equation
  • GPS coordinates of a place that’s meaningful to you
  • Secret code using numbers for hidden letters (to spell “naughty” word, etc.)
  • Date of getting the tattoo

Note of caution: No matter how forgetful you are, don’t get your ATM card pin tattooed!  😉


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