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While kids may not be able to get tattoos, a large number of parents do. They may have their child with them when coming for an initial consultation (because sitters ALWAYS cancel at the last minute). Or, their kid may want to stop by mid-session to say “hi” and grab cash to go shopping at the nearby mall. And in nearly every case, their child is super excited to see the end result of the tattoo session, as soon as it has been completed. If you’re among this lot, then you may be searching for a family friendly tattoo shop near you. If located in the Greater Vancouver BC area you have found what you’re looking for. While we may not run a daycare (although it feels that way sometimes!) we are certainly Vancouver’s most welcoming studio for the family pop-in. Here’s why.

What Makes Sleight of Hand the Most Family Friendly Tattoo Shop in Vancouver BC

We Are Family

Beyond the strict adherence to health and safety guidelines, we have one rule for anyone under the employee of Sleight of Hand – they must accept that they are part of the family!  We have created an atmosphere where everyone from reception staff and management to piercers and seasoned tattooists are all part of the brood. Even the lush green plants that line our boutique studio are shown unconditional love. More importantly, customers and clients become a part of the clan from the moment of their first consultation. So by extension, your family (as a client) is our family. We want to get to know you and them. After all, your offspring may come to us for their future works of body art when of age. View more about what makes our boutique studio so unique.

Kids’ Art Accepted…and Preferred!

Tattoo for Your Kids Drawing Vancouver BC

Our expert tattooists have deep portfolios, and our shop is loaded with flash and catalogues of designs and concepts to choose from. However, there is nothing better that having a client come in with a design in hand that was done by the hand of their child. These are the real masterpieces. Yes indeed, we are Vancouver’s go-to for getting a tattoo of a kid’s drawing. Watch the following video of a client‘s daughter’s work that she had embedded forever with a tattoo. So cute!

Family Welcoming Design and Decor

Have a look through the windows of some tattoo shops on Granville, Seymour, Hastings, and Pender (etc.). What you’ll find is a scene that is more accommodating to sailormongering than a place your family can stop by before, during, or after a tattoo session. This isn’t the case at SOH. Our upscale and boutique studio has been designed to stand far apart from the rest. It is painted in light natural colors, decorated with organic flora, and is spacious and airy to make guests feel welcome to browse at their leisure.

Walk-In Approved

Like many people, you may not be sure if you want to get a tattoo (yet) or are at least unsure of what tattoo you want. Instead of looking online you may prefer to stop by without making an appointment to look around and get a feel for the place. However, if you have your family in tow (which is often the case) it can prove to be a challenge. This is not a problem at SOH. We accept walk-ins during all hours of operation, even if it’s just to get a sense of the vibe before scheduling an appointment.

Ready to get a tattoo, without having to worry about your family stopping by to inspect the progress and end-result? Click the link below to schedule your consultation. We look forward to meeting you and yours.


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