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Among tattoo ideas for parents, is one of our all-time favorites. A tattoo for your kid’s drawing, namely one that was made for you, is a means to freezing a point in time when your child wanted nothing more than to make you proud. It also gave them the opportunity to release their creativity and humor with the intent-and-purpose of scoring that coveted spot on the refrigerator door. It’s a concept that will forever make you and onlookers smile. We can say for certain that no tattoo removal expert has ever been tasked to remove a tattoo of a kid’s drawing.

There is really only one question left to answer before you pluck your favorite from the shoebox pile – where to get it done? If located within or are visiting the Greater Vancouver BC area, there is no better tattoo shop to consider than Sleight of Hand. You can schedule your consultation today (click here to book) or read ahead first for more information.

Why Choose Sleight of Hand When You Want to Get a Tattoo of Your Child’s Drawing in Vancouver BC

A Family Friendly Tattoo Studio

Sleight of Hand prides itself in being the most family friendly tattoo studio in the BC Lower Mainland, if not the entire province and country. Not only is our staff considered to be family, our clients are too. Whether you have come in for just one piercing or small tattoo, or continue to return to add to a growing work of body art and modification, you’re a part of the clan. Even our lush plants are counted in the SOH ohana (yes, we talk to them often).

Moreover, our boutique studio in downtown Vancouver is clean, spacious, and modern, making people from all walks of life feel safe, warm, and welcome. Parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles of all ages are encouraged to come in to explore the possibilities.

Tattoo Artists Who Specialize in All Styles

Interestingly, the work of art that your child created aligns with a certain style of tattooing. It may be innately American Traditional (such as a mermaid, shark, etc.) or done in an animated cartoon style. Of course, a favorite is the classic stick figure which is a super-cute concept that would have been done from back when your little one was very little. Stick figures are ideal for fine line tattoo specialists. Whatever the case may be, you need a tattoo studio with tattooists on staff who specialize in the style best suited to your child’s awesome drawing. We have the team to do justice to your child’s work of art.

Proof in the Pudding

While any parlor will say they can do a tattoo of a kid’s drawing, we actually do it. Check out the recent Instagram Reel of a masterpiece that SOH had the honor of transferring from paper to ink:



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Ready to get a tattoo for your kids drawing? Click the link below to schedule your consultation and feel free to come by with your talented artist in tow. We want their approval before doing a thing!


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