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What is a gentleman? In a broad and traditional sense, the concept refers to a man who is chivalrous, courteous, and honorable. Contemporary definitions have been “upgraded” and are more nuanced. We like the outline that the Gentleman’s Gazette recently provided in their Modern Definition of a Gentleman:

  • A gentleman is Imperfect
  • A Gentleman Has High Standards
  • A Gentleman is Well Dressed
  • A Gentleman Has Good Manners
  • A Gentleman is Open Minded
  • A Gentleman is Interesting and Informed
  • A Gentleman’s Actions Match His Words
  • A Gentleman Treats People with Respect
  • A Gentleman Recognizes the Difference Between Arrogance and Confidence
  • A Gentleman Wields Power Purposefully
  • A Gentleman Gives People the Benefit of the Doubt

Identifying with this, you desire to get what you consider to be a gentleman tattoo. We admit that over the last couple of decades a request of this nature has been rare, but we’re honored that you have come to us for this worthy work of body art. Read ahead to learn more about why you’ve made the right choice in Sleight of Hand and why this concept is more important than ever before.

Importance of Getting a Gentleman Themed Tattoo and Why Choose Sleight of Hand in Vancouver BC to Get it Done

Motivation for Getting a Gentlemen’s Tattoo

Let’s be honest, we live in a world where the concept of a gentleman seems to be from a bygone era. Cordially opening doors, a tipping of the proverbial (or literal) hat, and treating friends and strangers alike with respect is an anomaly reserved to the likes of Brad Pitt and George Clooney. You’re hoping that your forthcoming  gentleman tattoo speaks to this, letting onlookers know that you’re someone they can depend on to be what this world is missing. It may even be to honor a cherished patriarch in your family who once set a fine example for generations to follow. A gentlemen’s tattoo is something that is not only unique in this day and age, it’s needed.

Quality is More Critical to a Gentleman Tattoo

There’s no room for work that’s anything less than expert level when it comes to this concept. Lines, shading (if applicable), filling, and placement must be perfect. The blackwork style is particularly powerful in conveying the gentlemanly theme, as the dark black tone with sharp lines cut like a well-tailored suit. You’ll be pleased to know that Sleight of Hand has employed one of the BC Lower Mainland’s top blackwork tattoo artists. He (Erik) is responsible for the eye-catching and classy work featured above, but we encourage you to comb through his entire portfolio here.

An Upscale Boutique Studio You’ll Appreciate

Sleight of Hand is considered by many to be the most inclusive tattoo shop in Western Canada. Our upscale boutique studio is a haven for those who hope to avoid the often crass shop environments that one finds throughout the city. For the visiting gentleman, and gentlewoman, the experiences had are akin to spending time within a high-end haberdashery, with staff at one’s beck and call. Have a look at our studio (click here) then speak to our reception staff (via below) and you’ll see what we mean.



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