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Not to be confused with a face tattoo, a head tattoo is generally considered as one that is placed anywhere above the brow and across the top, sides, or back of the skull. Given the high visibility, those in search of his particular work of body art are typically more diligent in the selection of which shop they will book their appointment with. If you’re located in the Greater Vancouver area and are looking for a head tattoo artist you have arrived at the right place. Here’s why!

Why Choose Sleight of Hand When Looking for a Head Tattoo Artist in Vancouver BC

Specialists for Styles That Work Best for Head Tattoos

While a client can get any style of tattoo they want for the head piece, there are certain styles that work best for the concept. Look for tattoo studios that have staff that specialize in Neo-Traditional (view here), Blackwork (view here), and Script Lettering (view here) although the Fine Line style (view here) is also gaining in popularity as an option. The latter is preferred by those who are also a little trepidatious regarding their personal threshold for pain, given that the layer of skin covering the bone is very thin when compared to other parts of the body.

Head Tattoos for Balding Too

A select number of prospective clients who are searching for a head tattoo artist desire the service for one specific and practical need – to address balding. While it’s certainly no replacement for hair transplants, it does provide an option for those who desire to alter their aesthetic. For these individuals, a hair tattoo may be referred to as scalp micropigmentation. A tattooist will deposit tiny ink dots of pigment (to match existing hair color, unless light blond) on the scalp to give the appearance of thicker hair. Logically this is only effective for a period of time as more loss occurs, although it can be effective for those who have been able to mitigate future loss through pharmaceutical treatments and other interventions. This type of work is typically done at a cosmetic clinic but a tattoo shop with a fine line and dot work specialist on staff can be equally if not more effective.

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